Important information about
macOS Mojave

Unlox requires you to grant it special access to be able to enter your password for you in macOS Mojave, which I've outlined how to do in this post.

Why is Unlox not called MacID anymore?

After 3 years of MacID 1 on the App Store, when it came to release MacID 2, Apple's App Review team decided then that they have an issue with the name "MacID" because it has the word "Mac" in it.

Unlox is MacID 2, I'm just not allowed to call it MacID 2.

Your help in spreading the word of Unlox, the new name for MacID, is greatly appreciated. Unlox and MacID are made by one person and the income from the apps help pay my rent. Thanks!

Is Unlox going to be a free update?

At launch, Unlox will be a free or discounted update for people who have already paid for MacID 1 from the iOS App Store. If you bought MacID while it was cheaper, you'll have to pay the difference between what you paid and what MacID costs now.

To upgrade at the discounted price, you must purchase through this bundle on the iOS App Store. If you purchase Unlox outside of the bundle you will get charged full price.

Learn more on the Unlox blog.

It will not necessarily always be a free update, so please download Unlox as soon as it is available to avoid having to pay full price for the update.

You can follow Unlox on Twitter to keep up to date: @UnloxHelp

Does my device work with Unlox?

Unlox works great with any device running iOS 11.2 and High Sierra, which fully supports Bluetooth LE. If your device has Bluetooth LE but doesn't fully support Handoff, you might find that Unlox doesn't work perfectly.

Why does Unlox require iOS 11.2?

I was aiming to require iOS 11.0 and newer but there was a pretty nasty Bluetooth bug in iOS 11.0 that only got fixed in iOS 11.2, so I can only support iOS 11.2 and newer.

Is Unlox compatible with MacID 1?

No. Unlox was a complete re-write of all the apps in Swift and they're not compatible.

Why is Unlox a separate app in the App Store?

Because Unlox needs iOS 11.2 and newer, it's not fair to expect everyone to have updated (or even be able to update), so removing MacID 1 from the App Store wouldn't be fair on those people.

Both apps will be available for the time being in the App Store until I feel it's fair to remove MacID 1.

Where can I download Unlox for macOS?

Unlox for macOS can be downloaded directly from unlox.it/get

Please never download Unlox from anywhere other than the official site or the iOS App Store.

Why isn't my device showing in the setup window?

There could be numerous reasons.

  • Check that Bluetooth is enabled on your iOS device (it's not so obvious in iOS 11)
  • Make sure you're not running MacID 1 on your iOS device or your Mac. MacID 1 and Unlox are not compatible.
  • When adding a new device, make sure your device is right next to your Mac. If it still doesn't show, uncheck the "Only show nearby devices" checkbox.

If your device still isn't showing, you can try restarting your devices.

Unlox has a built in Bluetooth reset option, which you can use if all else fails.

Can I still add more than one iOS device in Unlox for macOS?

Not at the moment. One of the core focus points of Unlox was to make the connection significantly more reliable

Bluetooth is incredibly fragile on macOS, even a single device often gets disconnected from the system for no reason. Adding a second device makes it even more unreliable, so for the time being Unlox for macOS will only support adding a single iOS device.

You can still connect multiple Macs to one iOS device, though.

Why is a feature I use a lot in MacID 1 not available in Unlox?

Unlox was completely re-built in Swift to support iPhone X and be significantly more reliable.

However, because I don't have any analytics in either macOS or iOS apps, I have no way of knowing which features were actually being used. If one of the features you use is missing, let me know on Twitter and I'll look at adding it back.

Will Unlox connect to the internet?

Just like MacID 1, Unlox will never connect to the internet without your consent.

If you enable automatic update checking/installing, Unlox will make a call to unlox.it to check if there is a new version. There are no analytics in any of the apps so your data is completely private, although anonymous crash reports are sent to Fabric if you have that option enabled.

Unlox for macOS does generate logs while you use the app, those logs are only ever stored locally on your Mac and never sent to a server. In fact, for them to be useful you'll need to send them to me manually in an email.

Why does the iOS app sometimes launch when actioning a notification from the iOS Lock Screen?

There's no official way to know if an iOS device is locked, so Unlox tries to guess based on some APIs that are available.

Basically, Unlox tries to read some protected data on disk, if it can read it then your device is unlocked, if it can't then your device is locked.

This isn't 100% accurate because it takes about 10 seconds after locking your iOS device for the data to become protected, so there's brief window after locking your device that Unlox can't tell you've locked it.

This is made worse on iPhone X because you just have to look at your phone for it to become unlocked, but still on the Lock Screen. If you get a notification after unlocking your phone, even if you're still on the Lock Screen, Unlox will see your device as unlocked and make you scan your face in-app instead.

Why does Unlox need to know my macOS password?

Just like MacID 1, Unlox will need to know your macOS password to be able to log you in.

Your password is never, ever broadcast anywhere. Not even Unlox for iOS knows what your password is.

Unlox first encrypts your password and then stores it in the keychain.

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