Unlox (formerly MacID) now available on the iOS App Store

[Edit 2] Apple have now approved the upgrade bundle. You can find it on the iOS App Store (the bundle will be unavailable until Unlox is full price on the App Store). It looks like Apple are charging the difference between when you originally paid for MacID and the price it would be now.

[Edit 1] Apple have rejected the upgrade bundle for not being descriptive, so I’ve added a better description and re-submitted the upgrade bundle.

I’m really happy to announce that Unlox is now available on the iOS App Store! It’s been months rollercoaster emotions working on Unlox/MacID 2, but it’s finally here.

If you’re wondering why MacID is now called Unlox, I’ve covered that in this post. It’s an emotional post, so get your tissues ready!

Upgrades for people using MacID

Unlox is free on the App Store until the end of this weekend. I’ve created an app bundle which is currently waiting review, which should make upgrading from MacID 1 to Unlox free if you’ve already bought MacID 1. The bundle will be unavailable while Unlox is free.


Unlox is a total re-write of MacID from the ground up in Swift. I’ve taken this opportunity to remove loads of workarounds for bugs with Bluetooth over the years since MacID 1 launched on Yosemite.

Unlox requires macOS High Sierra and newer and iOS 11.2 and newer. I really wanted to support iOS 11.0 and newer but there was a super nasty bug in Apple’s Bluetooth APIs introduced in iOS 11.0 that didn’t get fixed until iOS 11.2.

What’s new?

Unlox adds full support for iPhone X and Face ID, taking special considerations for the fact that unlike Touch ID, Face ID APIs don’t ask for confirmation before scanning your face. There’s also a gorgeous new design which looks amazing on iOS 11.

As well as support for iPhone X, Unlox focuses on making the Bluetooth connection significantly faster and more robust. Unlox comes with beautiful new colours schemes (including a stunning Noir theme which looks amazing on iPhone X OLED displays).

Unlox for iPad got some love too and has support for hardware keyboards as well to zip about the UI.

The whole of Unlox has been simplified and refined since MacID 1 got a bit complicated. I’ve re-written the app in a way that makes it much quicker for me to update and add support for new iOS features in the future, and because the app is written in Swift it’s fast and is way less likely to crash.

Missing a feature?

MacID 1 had absolutely no analytics in so that your privacy is protected. The tradeoff for this is that I have no idea which features are actually being used. If Unlox doesn’t have a feature you used, let me know and I’ll look at adding it back in a future update!

Thank you for all the past and future support

MacID/Unlox wouldn’t have been a success if it wasn’t for everyone who has supported it in some way. Whether it’s buying the app, tweeting about it, blogging about it or beta testing it. Independent developers rely on this support and I can’t thank you enough.

We have a new challenge now to get the new name of MacID out and known. If you’re a blog and you want some promo codes to give away, let me know and I’ll happily oblige if I have some available!

Here’s to the next chapter of MacID. Unlox is here to stay, and I’m excited about the future!

14 thoughts on “Unlox (formerly MacID) now available on the iOS App Store”

  1. I do not have twitter so I can’t send you a question. I bought MacID for $3.99 and when I click on the bundle for Unlox it still says $3.99. There is no discount. Please help.

    1. Ah this is an issue you might have to contact Apple about. If you bought MacID through a separate bundle it doesn’t appear to honour it with the new bundle. I have zero control over this behaviour I’m afraid, I wish I could make it easier!

      1. Yes I did. I got the MacID cookie cookie bundle. I don’t think several people and myself should be penalized for buying the bundle instead of the app. Could you allow a promo code or allow it to be free for a very short time?

        1. Thank you for making it free for the time being so I didn’t have to re-buy it. I left you a good review and rating. Thank you for caring about your original MacID users. (:

    1. If I update the existing Pebble app it won’t work with original MacID and since Pebble got bought by Fitbit they aren’t whitelisting new apps 🙁

    1. Make sure you actually tap on the bundle to see the details. In search results it always shows full price but the actual bundle details page shows how much to “complete the bundle”.

      I think Apple also don’t honour the price if you got MacID in a previous bundle or at a discounted rate.

    1. Lots of people are yes but it does depend on whether your got MacID at a full price or not previously outside of another bundle. I use cookie cookie all the time because in the UK there are a lot of annoying banners, but I never realised at the time I would have to make Unlox a whole new app in the future. If I’d have known Apple would make me do this, I would never have made a bundle for cookie cookie and MacID.

  2. I am a Chinese,I do not have twitter and I see the blog at this moment.I don’t know how to get the Unlox; I bought MacID already, and I click on the bundle for Unlox it still says ¥25. I did not to see discount for Upgrades . Please help,How Can I Upgrades using MacID ?. Thanks very much

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