Unlox 2.0.1

Unlox (formerly MacID) 2.0.1 is now available. This is mostly just a bug fix update with focus on fixing a few issues that didn’t show up during beta testing or that I didn’t have enough info to fix until after 2.0 was available.

Thanks to everyone who submitted feedback and took the time to forward logs on, it’s super helpful in getting bugs fixed quickly.

Here’s what’s changed in 2.0.1:

iOS & watchOS

  • Re-added the background app refresh option as requested by some users.
  • Made it clearer which notification actions will launch the iOS/watchOS apps if your iOS device is not locked when Unlox sends a notification.
  • Removed duplicated text in notifications, which is unnecessary and annoying for people who use VoiceOver.
  • Made notification text shorter so that on Apple Watch you don’t have to scroll to get to the action button.


  • Fixes an issue where Unlox would enter the incorrect password if you have multiple keyboard language inputs enabled. (This is the main reason for the 2.0.1 release)
  • Makes it clearer that you have to click your iOS device when it appears in the setup window.
  • Adds a progress indicator while setting up rather than an indefinite spinner.
  • Checks for updates on launch if you have automatic update checking enabled.
  • Fixes an issue where Unlox wouldn’t let you set up a second time. (This was especially bad for people who were part of the beta but moved over to the release version)
  • Fixes an issue where autolock would tell you it’s disabled because you’re not on battery, even if you have autolock turned completely off.
  • Re-adds the following URL schemes:
    • unlox://lock
    • unlox://wake
    • unlox://screensaver
    • unlox://relaunch
    • unlox://check-for-update
    • unlox://reset-bluetooth
    • unlox://quit

The Unlox upgrade bundle

There has been some confusion around the upgrade bundle and how it works so I thought I would try and clear that up.

Firstly, you must purchase Unlox through the bundle or Apple will charge you full price regardless of whether you already own MacID.

Secondly, the search results for bundles ALWAYS shows the full price of the bundle. You MUST tap through to the details screen of the bundle to be shown the cost to “complete this bundle”. In my case the bundle charges me £1 because I bought MacID for £2.99 when I first launched it.

Thirdly, if you got MacID while it was free or with a promo code Apple will charge you full price.

And lastly, I’ve had some reports of people who have bought MacID through another bundle in the past being charged full price by Apple.

There is no official way to charge for updates through the iOS App Store, so these bundles are the only way we can do discounts for people who already own the app. Remember that Unlox is only a separate app because of a really horrible bug with Bluetooth in iOS 11.0-11.2.

All I can do is set a price for the bundle which is the same as what both apps cost in the App Store right now. This also means that if either of them go on sale the bundle disappears from the App Store.

You can find the upgrade bundle directly by tapping on this link on your iPhone or iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app-bundle/id1331158079?mt=8

Unlox (formerly MacID) now available on the iOS App Store

[Edit 2] Apple have now approved the upgrade bundle. You can find it on the iOS App Store (the bundle will be unavailable until Unlox is full price on the App Store). It looks like Apple are charging the difference between when you originally paid for MacID and the price it would be now.

[Edit 1] Apple have rejected the upgrade bundle for not being descriptive, so I’ve added a better description and re-submitted the upgrade bundle.

I’m really happy to announce that Unlox is now available on the iOS App Store! It’s been months rollercoaster emotions working on Unlox/MacID 2, but it’s finally here.

If you’re wondering why MacID is now called Unlox, I’ve covered that in this post. It’s an emotional post, so get your tissues ready!

Upgrades for people using MacID

Unlox is free on the App Store until the end of this weekend. I’ve created an app bundle which is currently waiting review, which should make upgrading from MacID 1 to Unlox free if you’ve already bought MacID 1. The bundle will be unavailable while Unlox is free. Continue reading Unlox (formerly MacID) now available on the iOS App Store